The 100 believe that long-term success in America requires a strong blend of knowledge, skills and confidence. American youth demonstrate how well they have developed in these areas through their behavior and their academic performance in school.

The 100 KINGS is an all-inclusive program designed to help black male youth develop the knowledge, skills and confidence necessary to succeed in life.  One of the primary goals of the program is to prepare the students to succeed in college.  KINGS begin the program as fifth graders and are required to remain until the end of the senior year of high school.

We believe that:
  • A long-term commitment of a group of young black males increases the chance for long-term personal success;
  • Quality education coupled with targeted community exposure enables youth to maximize their talents;
  • Significant member involvement and engagement is essential to the mission of The 100.

Through the 100 KINGS program, we provide academic enrichment, social skills building, college preparation and career development programs for under-served male youth. Our goal in providing these programs is to counter the many negative statistics most frequently associated with black male youth.  Young black males are frequently rated the lowest in critical areas like literacy, academic achievement, self-esteem and positive lifestyle choices. Our organization is committed to this group because we believe they can maximize their talents and gifts with the right education, exposure, experience and encouragement.

Serving as role models, mentors, and coaches, The 100 are committed to the mission “to nurture and enhance the growth, development and opportunities for young, Black males of Middle Tennessee.”